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          Continuous growth to be the first-class enterprise in the 21st century


          Oak expects to be part of your success

          management idea

          Oak has top salespeople, engineers, designers, project managers and experienced installers. We will use this excellent team to provide efficient services to our customers to meet the needs of end customers and distributors. We continue to seek progressive improvement plans so that we have the most advanced products and systems, we have the most advanced software systems and the most advanced hardware equipment for our team personnel; we have our own professional installation team, including senior executives with rich experience and technology and professional installation personnel to ensure that every project can be high. At the same time, we provide high-quality after-sales service 365 days a year, which ensures the minimization of customer losses and material handling system downtime, thus protecting customer investment interests and reducing customer costs.

          Company mission

          In the process of enterprise development, we are never satisfied with past achievements. We should constantly strive to improve our service level and business innovation ability in self-summary, constantly exceed customer expectations, and develop better products and systems with high efficiency and low cost, so as to improve product quality and work efficiency, so as to let our distributors and final customers. Satisfied!